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Why should I sell my timeshare interest through Pinnacle Vacations?
What is the process to sell my timeshare interest through Pinnacle Vacations?

Why should I sell my timeshare interest through Pinnacle Vacations?

Other companies charge listing fees from $500 to $1,000 or more. With Pinnacle Vacations, you pay one low fee to advertise your timeshare interest: $39 for 12 months of advertising.

How can our listing fee be so low? We are a Florida Internet-based timeshare resale company, so we don't have all the overhead of a company with multiple offices. We don't earn a commission until your timeshare resort property sells, so you can be assured we work hard to promote your property from the moment you advertise it until the minute it closes. We also work on a fixed-commission basis, which ensures that we'll work just as hard for you whether the asking price is $500 or $50,000!

As an Internet-based company, our web site gets thousands of visits each month. Your listing receives maximum exposure because www.PinnacleVacations.com is search-friendly and highly visible on the top search engines. We also use paid placement ads on top search engines such as Google® to increase our web site's visibility.

What is the process to sell my timeshare interest through Pinnacle Vacations?

Selling your vacation ownership interest through Pinnacle Vacations is easy! Simply download, print, review and complete the Open Net Listing Agreement and fax or mail it to us. On the form, tell us how much you would like to take home from the sale, i.e., the net proceeds, and this is what you will receive when your interest is sold.*

Once we find a buyer for your timeshare interest and the title is cleared, we will send closing documents by email or mail to both the buyer and seller. After the documents are returned and the funds are paid, closing is completed. Sales usually close within 6 to 8 weeks.

* Any outstanding obligation(s), including, but not limited to, association fees, taxes, special assessments, estoppels, judgments, or mortgages, will be deducted from the net proceeds at closing.

Click here to download the applicable forms to sell your timeshare interest.
When complete, fax to 239.939.5418 or mail to:

Pinnacle Vacations, Inc.
4600 Summerlin Road, Suite C-2, Box 277
Ft. Myers, FL 33919

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